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Ireland (Cork) – 3rd – 6th August 2004 (Stayed with friends).

Here are a few photos:



Italy (Turin) – 9th – 13th August 2004 (Jolly Hotel Ambasciatori)

Here are some photos:

I remember flying from Gatwick to Turin with British Airways.
On the return journey, the flight from Turin airport was cancelled, which led to a very long bus ride to Milan airport. Instead of being flown back to Gatwick we landed at Heathrow!


Portugal (Albufeira) – 9th – 23rd July 2005 (Janelas Do Mar).

Here are some photos:

I had written a review for Trip Advisor, which can be read here:

I haven’t included it in my European Holiday Reviews blog as it was written back in 2005.



Amsterdam – 31st July – 3rd Aug 2005 (Casa 400 in Amstel)

Here are some photos:

The accomodation was in a school building (during the holiday period when students were no longer present). It was perfectly adequate and breakfasts were served in a large dining hall. The location was very close to the Amstel subway, which was handy.


Amsterdam – 5th – 8th July 2006 (Aalborg).

Here are a few photos:

We were upgraded from a triple to a quad room on arrival, which was nice. Breakfasts were good quality and plentiful. There was an issue with water dripping into the bath from the apartment above, but this was swiftly dealt with. There was internet access via a pc in a small room close to reception.



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