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Los Zocos Club Resort, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote


I stayed here from 23rd to 30th March 2017.

Transfer took about half an hour and as I was one of the first people off the bus check in didn’t take too long, although those at the back of the queue might think otherwise. Reception staff were polite and friendly, as were all of the staff I encountered during my stay. All inclusive customers get to wear a dayglow yellow band for the duration.

First impression of my third floor apartment were positive, although it would’ve been nice if there had been bottled water left for weary travellers. The key is the usual credit card type.


Room 1314 overlooks the busy pool area and doesn’t have a sea view, although you do get the sun on the balcony all afternoon and a sunset. Everything looked clean and I was pleased to have a separate bedroom and living space. Both rooms had a door opening onto the balcony, where there’s a small table and four chairs along with external lighting and washing line, although if you intend to hang anything on it you’ll need to bring some pegs.

The bathroom was more than adequate with nice shower and plenty of towels (there’s no bath). You do get mini soaps but not a lot else in the way of toiletries so take your own.There were plenty of toilet rolls.

Picture 010

The bedroom had twin beds and plenty of storage for one person. Might’ve needed more for a couple. Actually the apartment could cater for a family of four with two sofa beds but it would’ve felt a bit cramped I suspect. This was actually one of the nicest apartment s I’ve stayed in and I really liked the chunky, white wooden furniture and the artwork on the walls was stunning. I did find the mattress a bit too firm and asked at reception if I could have either a softer one or a mattress topper, however the best they could offer was for the cleaning staff to fold up a blanket for me to have under the sheet. The this was actually a good compromise as it turned out because they put two duvets underneath the sheet which was just the job.


I liked the fact this was and apartment with self catering facilities if required. A selection of English speaking TV channels to choose from, including BBC1, BBC 2, channel 4, some movie channels, entertainment channels, sky news and BBC news 24. There were two electric sockets in the bedroom and three in the lounge (if you use the one in the kitchenette).


Layout of the complex was a little strange with entrances to apartments at the back but I got used to it quite quickly. The site was well maintained and attractive and always spotless. Flat walkways and ramps throughout the site made it ideal for both pushchairs and wheelchairs alike.

Location was excellent with lots of shops and bars close by. The walk to the beach took under five minutes.

childrens pool

Los Zocos is very much geared towards families with small children so bear this in mind if you prefer a more adult orientated holiday. There’s loud music around the busier pool most of the day and rooms overlooking this pool will hear it. Abba, queen, the spice girls and Michael Jackson don’t appeal to everyone’s tastes but I was always entertained playing my own version of name that tune as the more obscure past pop hits blasted out across the site. It really had been years since I last heard sugar baby love by the Rubettes! For those who like to be involved during their holidays there’s lots of activities throughout the day, hosted by the animation team; everything from darts to aqua aerobics. There’s also a beach volleyball court, mini golf and football pitches, as well as dedicated children’s play area. There’s a lovely chill out area with comfortable sofas in a shaded area beside the beach volleyball court.

Picture 153

Although noisy during the day there was very little sound at night which was much appreciated.The poolside snack bar had a limited selection of hot food and drinks as you might expect. It seems to be the only place on site where you can get bottles of water to take to your room so remember to stock up when they’re open!

el mirador

The el Mirador restaurant didn’t have the widest variety of food I’ve ever seen but it was mostly well labelled with just about enough for vegetarians (as long as you like pizza or salad), however I wouldn’t have wanted two weeks of it. Credit where it’s due, and the carrot salad, celery salad and cabbage salad were all tasty and fresh. Desserts were disappointing with very dry sponges and some fillings still partly frozen, in fact they were the worst I’d ever experienced.

I’m easily pleased at breakfast so cereal and coffee was all I needed. There were some other basic options for those who wanted more.


To access the boulevard restaurant you have to go out the front door of reception and turn left. You only get an evening meal here but I preferred it as there were far less children running around screaming. There were three stations, vegetarian, Asian and Tex mex. Very limited selection but good quality food nonetheless. Must admit that the orange coloured mashed potato with a skin on top wasn’t a favourite, but I loved the veggie lasagne, the Asian vegetables and the nachos with cheese dip. Massive galleon bar in the centre was impressive and real conversation piece. As you enter you’ll notice a section on the left which is screened off, and that’s the Italian restaurant. You get one opportunity to book this during your stay and you must do this asap as it does get booked up quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here.


The boulevard hosts entertainment around 9pm, which seems to be mainly a chap on piano. All very cordial, and drinks at the fabulous galleon bar are plentiful. Shorts are huge – you have been warned! Service is always with a smile, making this a really relaxing place to spend an evening or two.


For those late risers please bear in mind the el Mirador finishes breakfast at 10.30am but the pool bar snack service doesn’t start until 11am. This was more annoying for those with impatient youngsters than it was for me. There’s also nowhere to get food between 5pm and 6pm, unless you’ve paid for gold band services in which case you only have to go hungry between 5.30pm and 6pm.

Picture 202

The best place to access the WiFi is in reception. There’s a free WiFi zone by the quiet pool however I never managed to get it to work on my mobile or my tablet there.

Picture 421

I’ve been to Costa Teguise previously so knew about the night markets around the bandstand. These are every Wednesday and Friday evening between 6 and 10pm and well worth a look.

Picture 038

The number 3 bus regularly goes to Puerto del Carmen and the stop is close to the boulevard restaurant, on the same side of the road. It’s under 3 euros one-way (I suspect a return fare is a better deal). It took an hour to get there at lunchtime, which was uncomfy on a crowded bus with no air conditioning. The trip back took longer due to rush hour traffic, so bear this in mind when planning. (Use a toilet beforehand and take a bottle of water with you). Incidentally, this is also the bus to Arricefe and Playa Blanca. Buses run frequently throughout the day and it’s a really cheap way to get out and about, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

I didn’t use the pools so my only comment would be that the children’s pool was well used but not the quiet pool (possibly due to the children’s pool being heated and the others not).

Picture 243

I didn’t use the agua marina bar so can’t comment on that.

With all the rooms having plant troughs on the balconies it was a shame these weren’t actually planted up as I image it’d look amazing.

I have to say a quick thank you to the Tui reps based in reception, who were always very helpful whenever I needed to know anything.

All in all it was a good holiday. It’s in an ideal location to base yourself, rooms are cleaned daily, it’s a lovely site, you really can do as much or as little as you want to, everyone’s friendly and I’d have no problem returning to the Los Zocos.

Picture 048

A word to a certain few parents; If your little prince or princess screams blue murder every time you are more than three inches away from them, has a major hissy fit the second they’re near water and goes nuclear whenever they enter a restaurant, maybe they’re not quite ready for that family holiday just yet?


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